Welcome to the MoneyScam SmarterApp. The purpose of this App is to expose the different scams to which we have been alerted in an effort to thwart their Criminal Activities.
We hope you enjoy and we sincerely hope this App can help you avoid being Ripped Off.
We're doing this because it's time folks started to Fight Back.

In fact, here are some fun videos
on ways folks are indeed fighting back.
Robo Dialers
Fake IRS Agents
Fake S.E.O. Companies
Fake Domain Name Renewal
Fake Student Loan Reversal
Getting tough to trust any caller anymore.
Most scammers are offshore
Do-Not-Call Lists ineffective
They are getting Better At It.
Google Partner Scam
If you have a business of Any Kind, you WILL be getting calls and emails, usually from an online spammer or a robo-calling auto dialer. It doesn't matter HOW official it may look or sound, it's ALWAYS a Scam.

Cannot enforce the do-not-call list for companies residing outside the U.S. Territorial borders.
We are perceived by the rest of the world as dumb and rich, and the scammers line up to fleece us.

Looking at Network Marketing?
Here is one you may want to see. There are some good ones out there but most are not.

You can evaluate any a business opportunity. We show you the Critical Red Flags...which pretty much eliminate 90% of all the Network Marketing deals out there.

We also show you one that truly does work but you be the judge.
There is a link at the end of the vEvaluation.com site.
Business Owners are currently being hit with a Barrage of Scams from folks claiming they will improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings.

In the past, the way to get higher Search Engine rankings was through better Key Words, Search Engine Submission and Rank Building. Those days have ended but it's truly amazing at how many Scammers still say they will achieve higher rankings by Submitting to Search Engines, Tweaking HTML and adjusting Keywords.

Time to set the Record Straight.

If you have an Online Presence of ANY KIND you are already being contacted through various means by Scam Artists trying to convince you to pay them money to raise your SEO rankings. There are hundreds of companies out there and they are Relentless and Ruthless.

You can always tell its a scam when they start making the outrageous claims of Google 1st Page rankings. I get calls nearly every day from clients who have been approached by these fast talking Scammers. One of my clients has shown me Five proposals he has received and he's always trying to convince me it sounds pretty good. I finally told him if he's intent on spending money, go for it. Find out for yourself...but don't say I didn't try to warn you. (Dr. Rick Mayer)

Google is partly the blame here because they changed the Algorithms to favor Mobile sites. This had a devastating effect on many small business owners who saw their rankings plummet.

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Here's an Email from a Scammer

Domain Service Scam
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It's Getting Bad